Scottevest Featherweight Vest Review


I travel a lot. If you are part of the travel a lot crew, You know the Airport dance. Getting into that flight line and watching people confused and look around. What do you mean my shoes come off? Where does my jewelry go? It all gets stuffed through that little converbelt. Airlines are also getting a lot more strict about your carry on. Many are down to 1 personal item and 1 carry on. Some are just 1 carry on. Travel vests therefore become that extra bag that you need. I didn’t really know too much about travel vests before I stumbled across Scottevest. They offered me a Scottevest Featherweight vest to review.

What is a Travel Vest

A travel vest has many pockets and items that make your day to day travel easier. The vest will usually have many pockets that allow you to carry more stuff in more convenient ways.

This Scottevest Featherweight vest is super lightweight. As light as you are thinking, its lighter than that. The Scottevest Featherweight vest comes with 14 pockets. Yes 14! There is a pocket for a pen, for your tablet, for a water bottle, for your keys. More pockets than you will know what to do with and its all pretty neat and tidy. There are various pockets where you think there should be pockets. You are not reaching around your back to try and get access to one. I have two favorite pockets. One on the inside left side that is RCF safe. Your passport or travel id will fit nicely in here with your airline ticket. I’m always holding onto the passport/ticket and trying to figure out where to put these as i go through security. Now its right there an easy pocket away. Scottevest also have something called a Personal Area Network(PAN). This is a series of openings in the pockets so your headphones or charge cables sneak through the inside of the vest. No more tangles wires or knoted headphones. Your headphones with a bit of initial effort will not fit snuggly on the inside of the vest and having them always be accessible.

I got a Scottevest Featherweight vest and followed the measurements they offer on their website for sizing. Unfortunately when the vest arrived the fit was way larger than the measurements said they should have been. So keep a smaller size in mind when ordering. I took the vest with me to SXSW. The flight and travel with this were great! It was great to have all the pockets for business cards to give out, any swag I picked up at various booths and for carrying a water bottle around with me all day. All without having to carry around a backpack or tote bag. Even though Austin is hot, the light weigh of the vest didn’t add any extra noticable heat.

A note: You do have to weight the items in the pockets accordingly. Ie  – Don’t place a phone in one pocket and nothing in the other. Because the vest is so lightweight, you will notice a definate shift in weight and have a lopsided vest.

Scottevest Featherweight Vest Takes on Disney World

I also went to Disney World Theme Park recently. The vest really shone in a Theme Park setting. A typical visit to a theme park involves lugging around a bag for those items you need to carry around all day. A bag will be heavy and all those rides. Each ride you go on you have to take that bag off and then you take the risk of leaving the bag behind or it being taken while on the ride. Or maybe your weighing one of those fanny pack. I suggest a Scottevest Featherweight vest as an easy alternative. I was able to wear the vest on all the rides without taking it off. It easily held my money, sunscreen, phone, sunglasses, hat and a water bottle all day.

Pros and Cons of the Scottevest Featherweight Vest

Lots of pockets
Super Light Weight
Doesn’t add “heat” by wearing it
RCF pocket

Items have to be ‘weighted’ by side so you don’t get lopsided
Vest runs larger than sizing chart
Setting up the PAN listening network will take a bit of effort
If you travel a lot and are looking for a lightweight travel vest option I recommend checking out the Scottevest Featherweight vest. The Scottevest Featherweight vest sells for $135 and is available from their website.

Scottevest provided me with a vest to review. My opinions are my own. 

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