Samsung CFG70 Review


Samsung is well known for their televisions being top quality displays, but the company is new to the world of gaming monitors. Enter the CFG70, a 24 inch 1080p curved gaming monitor, a 144hz refresh rate, 1ms response time, and an excellent contrast of 3000:1 and outstanding color reproduction thanks to its quantum dot back-lit VA panel. It is also available in a 27 inch variety.

Visual Look of the Samsung CFG70Samsung CFG70 Review

Samsung CFG70 monitor has a slight curve to it of 1800mm. This means that is you place enough of the monitors in a circle, that circle would have a radius of 1.8 meters. That makes it one of the most curved monitors in the market. Curved monitors have gained traction as of late with gamers, due to the fact that the slight curve can give you a more immersive experience. Many gaming monitors include flashy design, blinking lights and bright colors. This monitor offers a please simple matte black finish. There is no flashy lights or extra colors. It’s pretty smooth looking. The only light is a small circle device on the back of the monitor that Samsung calls “Arena Lighting”. This can be set to a pulsating blue light or “in time to the sound” via the settings menu.The light is not customizable beyond that, no other colors or features.

Samsung CFG70 ReviewThe Samsung CFG70 Stand

The stand is unique to Samsung calling it a “Dual Hinged” Design. This two arm design is both a strength and a weakness in my opinion. You are able to position the monitor to your exact height and tilt with ease. It smoothly glides to what ever position you want with minimal effort. Even vertical ways. Pretty nifty. The downside is that this base takes up a good foot and a half or 16 inches of desk space. 😐 That is fine if you want to be constantly customizing your monitor space but if like most people you have it set and want to forget about it, 16 inches is a lot of table top space. Like an old school CTR monitor size of taking of desk space. Just for comparison my similar BenQ 27 inch monitor beside it takes up 5 inches right beside it. This makes having a multi desktop setup somewhat difficult unless you have a large desk. That being said, I do imagine most people who would be purchasing this monitor would have just the 1 main monitor, but it was pretty noticeable to me with my 3 monitor set up right away.

Samsung CFG70 Ports

The Samsung CFG70 has all the basic ports you need. There are  two HDMI pots,a DisplayPort, as well as a 3.5mm audio jack. I set mine up with the PC in one HDMI and My Playstation in the other. This stand was great as it was easy to turn the screen to get access to these items if i needed them.

Samsung CFG70 Menu

Samsung CFG70 ReviewAll controls for the monitor and done via a 5 point control Job key located on the back of the monitor. This is straight forward and easy to use. It is also the power and the volume control. There is a bar across the top of the menu that has the key settings in it. This helps you to know which settings are on without going through many various menus. The Monitor includes several Gaming modes built right in FPS, RTS, RPG, AOS. You also have access to a custom mode that you can create and customize till your heart is content. You can then save up to 3 modes to buttons along the front edge of the screen. This allows you with a touch of the button to switch between the various types. Have one for office work or spreadsheets, one for gaming etc. The pop up menu briefly displays, displaying your stats like if freesync is turned on, response rate etc…  and on ward to gaming excellence.

Samsung CFG70 ReviewSamsung CFG70 Display

The CFG70 Monitor uses Samsung’s famous quantum dot technology as part of the display. Quantum dots are nano-sized particles that express different colors depending on their size. A bunch of Quantum Dots are placed in front of the LED lights found in the monitor. Because each nano crystal produces its own light, the colors end up more accurate and brighter, with darker blacks. Viewing angles are also improved. This is noticeable especially in the reds, and greens.

Samsung CFG70 Specs


Screen Size

27″ (16:9)

Display Type





1920 x 1080



Static Contrast Ratio


Viewing Angle (Horizontal/Vertical)


Response Time


Color Support




External Adaptor

Power Supply Type

100~240V 50/60Hz

Power Consumption (Max)


Power Consumption (Stand-by)


Max Stand By Power (DPMS)



HDMI input


Wall Mountable

75.0 x 75.0 mm

Eco Saving Plus


Eye Saver Mode


Flicker Free


Quantum Dot Color


Game Mode




Screen Size Optimizer


Black Equalizer


Low Input Lag Mode


Custom Key


Refresh Rate Optimizor


Super Arena Gaming UX


Sound Interactive LED Lighting


Easy Setting Box




Dimensions (W x H x D)

Product Dimensions With Stand

24.5″ x 21.7″ x 15.2″

Product Dimensions Without Stand

24.5″ x 14.4″ x 3.6″

Shipping Dimensions

28.7″ x 13.2″ x 17.7″

Weight (lb.)

Product Weight With Stand

13.7 lbs.

Product Weight Without Stand

9.0 lbs.

Shipping Weight

19.2 lbs.


Included in Box

Power Cable, HDMI & DP Cables


Installation CD & Quick Setup Guide

Green Management

Mercury Content


Lead Presence




2 EA

Display Port

1 EA


1 EA



Black Matte


-2(±2°) ~ 17°(±2°)

Stand Type

Dual Hinge

Wide Viewing Angle



Is the Samsung CFG70 Worth It?

I tested this monitor out heavily on various MOBAs, web browsing and RPG games I play. I used it with both my PC and my Playstation system. There was a noticeable difference in all of these different formats. I had to switch between the modes using the fast keys on the bottom for the best results on each mode. I wasn’t a fan of the stand. Although I enjoyed the ability to easily move the monitor around or get quick access to the back panels I found the stand to take up way too much space on my desk. The curve did give a nice feel to me, but think it would have more of an effect in a larger than 24″ monitor. All that being said, if you are looking for a high end curved monitor that has some truly amazing colors, and an easy to use set up and menu – give the Samsung CFG70 a look.


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