1. Todd Moore says


  2. Sharon DiOrio says

    Sharp-corner, glass table balanced on cubes = recipe for disaster in my house. At the very least, make sure you get tempered glass. But it looks cute.

  3. Cass Edwards says

    Yes, but can you take the glass off and throw them? Enquiring minds want to know.

  4. Eric Milliken says

    does it come in d20?

  5. Amanda Blain says

    This would be way more epic.. if it came in d20 + Eric Milliken

  6. Rick Gould says

    Put lights in behind the number part and turn the 2 dice so that a six is up and you have, wait for it,  ….. a craps table.

  7. Lyn Abrahamson says


  8. angel jerson lopez montesinos says

    is beatiful

  9. luis vergara says

    Muy bello si !

  10. Derrick Simmons says

    That's cool, I want one.

  11. Kevin Bowie says

    I need to have this sometime in my life.

  12. Storm Agains says


  13. Lyn Abrahamson says


  14. Allen Hohensee says

    Cool, better w/20 sided though

  15. Lyn Abrahamson says

    i know right.

  16. Panah Rad says


  17. Tako Schotanus says

    Like was mentioned by others, these need to be d20 lest people take you for a gambling addict instead of a gamer 😉

  18. Mad Marv says

    Gotta have at least a D12 or D20.  The D6 makes it look like a waiting room in Vegas.

  19. Justin Chung says

    D20s might be a bit dangerous for me. I live near a fault line and a tremor or quake could accidentally roll them :P! D6s are too generic for me, though… So how about D8s or D12s, instead? 🙂

  20. Atchuthan Sris says

    Totally WIN

  21. Eric Milliken says

    I was thinking about the stability issue too. I think 4xD20's would be very stable and cut down on the sharp sides as well. Win/Win

  22. Amanda Blain says

    that mental image is something + Justin Chung lol I was squished by my D20 table dice! 😀

  23. Lyn Abrahamson says

    i think that you can have the dice table because you have the money and you are awesome like that, and you are the best person that actually cares for others and you like to know what others think about you.

  24. pradip gadhavi says

    Nice can I share a coffe with u on this

  25. Lyn Abrahamson says

    you wish that you could.

  26. Joshuha Owen says

    These D6 tables look a little more modern than "Vegas".  http://www.efurniturehouse.com/allora-modern-round-glass-coffee-table.aspx

  27. donald hakala says

    Maybe something more like this..

  28. semakau aki says

    Nice n win.

  29. Martin Holmes says

    You're on a winner..

  30. Kenneth Ruch says

    I just dont think my 3 and 5 year old will let me have this table yet

  31. Isabelle Cardinal says

    Me gusta!! Original and fun.

  32. jim freda says

    2 thumbs up!

  33. Terry I says

    They're cool , I like the idea .

  34. Dawn Amburgey says

    For anyone who throws dice, major win. My fellow BPA (Boardgame Players Association) members would probably go nuts over this.  Especially if it were large enough to play, oh say, Advanced Civilization.

  35. Mark O'Brien says

    Not a table for those with kids…

  36. Theo WolF says

    they need to be fuzzy, too.

  37. Tristyn Fletcher says


  38. Gary Sherrick says

    its just another day in pair a dice (sorry, it screamed out to me)

  39. David McDevitt says

    I think the shag makes the room

  40. David Aguilera says


  41. Mad Marv says

    Well a set of 3 D4's would be stable for a circular table.  Probably want to blunt the tips though.

  42. Jim Preis says

    if (no_of_kids != 0, fail, win) (oops)

  43. Adrian Martin says

    Anything with dice is a WIN. My main focus, + Amanda Blain is on that guitar in the back…gimme that and let me play you somethin funky! 🙂

  44. Dawson Trebon says

    that is boss
    🙂 WIN

  45. Franciene da Silva Souza says

    Que legal.

  46. Peter Kroengen says

    That couch looks pretty comfortable for a nap 🙂

  47. nyakier Guandong says

    So nice

  48. Carter Edwards says

    Nice !!!!

  49. Tony Love says

    Have you seen the giant inflatable d20, + Amanda Blain ? A pair would look super at either end of the couch.

  50. Jim Jacobus says

    Tacky – 70's bachelor pad decor

  51. Vic Loignon says

    very nice ,are they loaded dices ?

  52. Mark C says

    Using d6 is too bland. If you'd mixed it up with a d20, d12, d10, d8 and in some strange way a d4 then that'd be awesome!

  53. Amanda Blain says

    Havent seen the inflatable ones + Tony Love …. 🙂

  54. Bobbie Turcotte says


  55. Kris Gainsforth says

    + Amanda Blain My wife just bought 2 large inflatable d6, so we can play our inflatable Monopoly board in the pool this summer.

  56. Jon Nihilo says

    imho, I think it makes the glass look cheap.

  57. Sandy Nuñez says

    Some one send me that guitar!!!

  58. Stefon Reid says

    It's cool, because its different.

  59. Patrick Q says

    D&D girl!? Pft. They should be d20's 🙂

  60. Greg Parsons says

    very nice epiphone acoustic guitar :)i have one identical,incidentally,epiphone was john lennons preference.[just thought.i.d throw that in,have you seen slum dog millionaire?:)

  61. Tony Love says

    Here they are, + Amanda Blain . I think Crystal Caste is the manufacturer, they are listed for various prices over the net, but that'd the best and premiere model.


  62. Bill Zhao says

    Like the guitar.

  63. kefka lee says

    d6s are lame

  64. Tony Love says

    Btw, the D6 has become the most popular die in indie/small press roleplaying games in recent years. Fiasco, Dungeon World, The Quiet Year, etc. all use D6 as randomizers.

    Its also the most popular die in Japanese tabletop roleplaying games 🙂

  65. Dane Bishop says

    if the dice were d20s, maybe

  66. sara alves says

    good nigth

  67. Chuck Corbitt says

    Love it

  68. Lewis Miranda says


  69. Kyle Jensen says

    I'd have d20s just because of dat critical hit.

  70. Arron Parker says

    eww how much

  71. Charles Bond says

    How about a giant D20 bean bag chair?

  72. Deserae Torrez says

    I like it. If I saw one cheap I would buy it.

  73. paul crawford says

    it's nice but different ..

  74. Jeff Thompson says

    Epic win!

  75. Patrick Saimesier says

    + Amanda Blain I like this. I'll render a d20 version and let you guys see how it turns out. Was looking for a project anyway.

  76. Denise Bruton says

    I like this where can i get one from.

  77. Joshua Gunder says

    Glass would slide around when bumped into. Corners not safe for kids. You can't lean on the edges or the glass could break. There's got to be a better way to design a dice themed table that isn't so structurally lacking. Good theme, poor execution.

  78. Patrick Saimesier says

    + Joshua Gunder make the dots stick to the glass and keeps kids out of you game room lol

  79. Joshua Gunder says

    You could try that. I've had coffee tables like this, and they use flat rubber circles to make the glass stick, but it never holds long term. I guess I'm analyzing it from the perspective of a father with young kids who keep breaking coffee tables 🙂

  80. Gintautas Bruzevicius says

    Not interesting…

  81. Joshua Sarinana says


  82. Jesse Barron says

    I love the guitar….someone loves music, so do I.

  83. Shyam Shrestha says

    Verry good

  84. haruar sumon says

    nice pic

  85. Marija Lazarević says

    Upper surface should be non transparent. I think that the table would look better like that.

  86. Farooq Bashir says

    not gaming just a setting room

  87. hari krishnan says


  88. hau xa says


  89. ramachandra sarangi says

    lovw 'U'

  90. Jim Gordon says

    Be better if they were 20 siders.

  91. Gilbert Fenandez says

    cool and elegant

  92. Surya Isaac says


  93. PRITAM THAKOR says


  94. PRITAM THAKOR says


  95. Debra Hoven says


  96. بلال الدالي says


  97. Dhanu Rashi says


  98. Edouard Ossohou says

    Romantic and at the same time, an Artistical item of a modern expression .

  99. Rob Almond says

    I like them.  Subtle. Ish.  What about a matching d20 bean bag chair?

  100. ligana timothy says


  101. Gabriela Howe says


  102. Felix Chumba says


  103. Vipin Ayanoor Puthan says

    Nice one 🙂

  104. kefka lee says

    d6s are still lame..despite their popularity.

  105. Kabir Rocks says


  106. Emmanuel Ben says

    nice one baby

  107. govinda dangi says


  108. EDDIE FISCARO says


  109. azhar ali says


  110. Luiz Petherson says

    this is a cool living room

  111. Brian Duval says

    Needs bongos.

  112. Bala Murugan says


  113. Tab Conwell says

    Could have been a twenty and a twelve sided die, would have made it better though….lol

  114. John Stierheim says

    They rolled a three, spell failed.. 😛

  115. Yong Gyan says


  116. Elijah Mwangi says


  117. yannet silveira says

    hermoso mis colores faboritos muy buena combinacion negro,rojo y blanco.

  118. Elaine Rigby says

    They have a  Dice Ottoman at the gift shop of Cracker Barrel.  I went in to get some kitchy stocking stuffers and found it.  Bought it for my husband to use as storage in his game room.  They have all kinds of little "gamer" items.  Mugs that say things like "I brought my A Game" with A being a scrabble piece etc.

  119. Eleazar Mendez says

    That's awesome.

  120. Troy Davidson says

    While the style is "modern," I think + Jim Jacobus got it pretty much right. It looks like a photo from the earlier 70s, possibly a little before D&D was published in 1974.

  121. Dorian Traill says

    beautiful, actually

  122. ja longshanks says

    um impressive…

  123. naymin yaungamm says


  124. Romi Rahman says

    hy amanda ?

  125. bob spano says

    what games do you play? Are you on xbox? Im rabbit noman on there. shoot me up…lol… BTW,… I like the dice ..lol..

  126. Jignesh Raval says

    Win. I like it

  127. Ramesh Bhanushali says


  128. Károly Lőrincz says

    Nem rossz:-)

  129. Nick Hidalgo says

    + Amanda Blain
    I'm thinking a d20 base might roll… there's a pun in there somewhere. Might be best to resort to a d12 for style. d4 is right out.

  130. annique brissett says

    love that

  131. fazeelfarhat farhat says

    I think win

  132. Chris Kioko says

    win ofcourse

  133. nuwan hettiarachchi says

    so nice

  134. Icey James says

    Good job

  135. Steve Barker says

    kinda dicey

  136. Kadir Saiyed says


  137. александр тарасов says

    Уютный уголок!

  138. enrique barba says

    very nice room!!

  139. Larry Gann says

    the table would be in the way,and like most gaming spaces would become piled with Mtn. Dew cans and empty baggies.

  140. Paulo Nunes says

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  141. EPDM Rubber Foam says

    It would be so interesting to make the table with the sheets. It surely make the game so amzing and enjoyful.

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